A plant-based Promise

SWEES Cheese® is committed to produce only highest quality plant-based cheeses. All our artisan cheeses are handcrafted with much precision, knowledge, love and care 

For our products we use strictly locally produced organic soy only. We do not use any GMO-ingredients, artificial coloring, flavoring or MSG. Our cheeses contain no trans-fat. Compared to dairy cheeses SWEES contains approximately 50% less fat. 

We say "NO" to:

– GMO ingredients
– artificial coloring
– artificial flavoring
– trans-fat
– animal-derived ingredients

Taste the difference. Taste the new era of cheese.

Our Products

Swiss Style

This is a sharp, salty and pungent cheese, ideal for cold or hot sandwiches, scalloping, pizza or just by itself. It cuts, grates and melts.


Our Mozzarella is the perfect cheese for on pizza, sandwiches, Italian style salads or oven-baked dishes. It cuts, grates and melts.


Feta is a mediterranean cheese with a sharp and pungent flavor. It is perfect for salads, with bread or as a topping on pasta or pizza.

"Cheese deserves a new definition. SWEES is proud to provide it."

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