Food Service

“90% of Thai people are lactose intolerant or have trouble digesting it.”

We are here to address this issue!

In the past three years, the plant-based market in Thailand has been booming. Not only are new vegan restaurants opening up every month, but also most conventional restaurants are now offering plant-based options or even full separate menus. The plant-based market in Thailand has been doubling in size each year.

This market behaviour is not just a trend, but a major shift in eating behaviour, since more and more people are choosing to eat cleaner by omitting animal products. Does your restaurant not have plant-based options yet, or would you like to offer a broader variety? We are here to consult you in this matter!

Swees cheese has been widely used all over Thailand, serving a variety of vegan, vegetarian and omni restaurants to give your customer more options without missing out on anything. Would you like to use our organic, vegan cheese in your dishes? Request a sample here.

In Thailand, our cheese is proudly distributed by Food Project. Please contact them for a free sample. (click on Logo below)