The pride in our homemade, organic soy milk

Yes, we admit it, we are proud of our wholesome, homemade, organic soy milk that we use to craft our cheeses. But what does this actually mean? And how is other plant-based cheese made?

Almost all of the industrial made vegan cheese that you can buy nowadays, is unfortunately heavily processed. Just by taking a look at the ingredients list of many vegan cheese brands, you already know that it can’t be healthy, using preservatives and a long list of INS-numbers. Indeed, it’s hard to find out what the cheese is actually made of – the fact is, it’s made of water and isolated protein powders. While this is a convenient and cheap way to process vegan cheese, it’s certainly not the healthiest one. That’s why we take this extra time and make the extra effort of sourcing certified organic soybeans. Instead of using a refined isolate we use the whole beans, which are soaked overnight, and then made into fresh milk. This ensures freshness and that only the highest quality fats and proteins go into our product. And this is the only way we can make sure that the main ingredient of our cheese – which is milk – is sourced organically, sustainably and wholesome.

If you truly care about your health, sustainability and the environment, then please choose Swees™.

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