#19 Journey: From Founding and Selling 2 Startups to Becoming an Angel Investor – Edward Yang (EP2)

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In this episode we dive into the fascinating journey of Edward Yang, a visionary entrepreneur and angel investor. During his time at the University of California, Berkeley, Edward not only founded but also successfully sold two startups. Now based in Taiwan, he has transitioned into the role of an angel investor. Edward provides unique insights into the dynamic intersection of green tech, bio tech, and the ever-evolving plant-based industry. Tune in to discover the secrets behind Edward’s success, as he shares valuable perspectives on why starting early can provide distinct advantages in the entrepreneurial landscape. Join us for an engaging conversation that unravels the multifaceted world of startups, investments, and the exciting realms of green and bio technologies. Don’t miss this episode where experience meets innovation and inspiration. #startup #thailand #podcast #plantbased #inspiring #changemakers #entrepreneurship #theplantbasedpodcastasia #greentech #biotech We release a fresh episode every Tuesday, so make sure to tune in to start your week with a healthy dose of inspiration. Hit that subscribe button, and let’s embrace the plant-based revolution together! Join us on this incredible journey. Subscribe now and ignite your passion for a healthier, kinder, and more sustainable world. 🌍🌿 www.plantbasedpocastasia.com

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