#020 Manifest a Life you Love through Conscious Language, with John Michael-Schmidt (EP1)

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Join us in an enlightening conversation with John Michael-Schmidt, an extraordinary individual who, at 80 years of age, has harnessed the power of conscious language and conscious living to manifest a life brimming with abundance and health. In this transformative episode, we explore the profound impact that the words we choose, or choose not to use, have on our lives. John, with over 20 years spent in Thailand, shares his remarkable journey, including the creation of a thriving organic food business back in the 70s. Delve into his experiences visiting Thailand in the early 80s, where he embarked on a meaningful exploration inspired by his friend undergoing monkhood. The conversation extends to the realm of holistic health, unveiling insights that have the potential to reshape your perspective on life. This podcast is more than a listen; it’s a must-watch, offering the possibility of profound change for anyone willing to embrace conscious language and conscious living. #consciouslanguage #consciousliving #holistichealth #lifetransformation #theplantbasedpodcastasia

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