#026: “Cooking is therapy”: A Journey of Vegan Indian Cooking with Chef Shraddha”

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In Episode 26, we are delighted to introduce Chef Shraddha, a culinary virtuoso who embarked on a transformative journey from India to Bangkok, where she found her true calling in vegan cooking. Join us as we delve into Chef Shraddha’s inspiring story of resilience and passion. Arriving in Bangkok with just suitcases in 1998, she initially planned to stay for two years but found herself captivated by the vibrant energy of the city, leading her to make it her home for over two decades. Discover how Chef Shraddha’s journey took an unexpected turn when her daughter was diagnosed with a milk allergy, challenging her deeply ingrained cultural beliefs about the sanctity of cows in Indian culture. Embracing the vegan lifestyle, Chef Shraddha embarked on a culinary adventure that would redefine her relationship with food and her heritage. For Chef Shraddha, cooking isn’t just a profession—it’s therapy for the soul. Learn from her as she shares her insights into how the art of cooking serves as a therapeutic indulgence for the senses, bringing joy and healing to both herself and those she serves. Explore Chef Shraddha’s passion for vegan cooking as she takes on diverse culinary endeavors, from catering and pop-ups to prestigious chef tables at renowned resorts and restaurants. Her dedication to her craft has earned her prestigious accolades, including recognition for her innovative vegan dishes in competitions such as the “WomanTV TOP 10 Vegan Innovative Dishes in Restaurants” organized by “Root the Future” in Thailand. Don’t miss this captivating episode filled with heartwarming stories, culinary wisdom, and the transformative power of vegan cooking with Chef Shraddha. #VeganCuisine #CulinaryTherapy #ChefShraddha #VeganInnovation #ThePlantBasedPodcastAsia

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