#016 Embracing the Charm of the “Homemade” and the Simple Pleasures of Life, with Judith

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Meet Judith, who embarked on a unique journey from immigrating to Thailand at 16 to managing Chiang Mai’s iconic “Riverside,” the city’s first western-style restaurant founded by her father. After 32 years at the helm, Judith returned to the pure joys of life, reflected in her quaint neighborhood café named “Simple Pleasurer.” Here, she crafts wholesome homemade muesli bars, bread, and delightful snacks.

In this episode, we explore the profound meaning of “homemade” and how, contrary to popular belief, its essence cannot be scaled—it’s a concept that thrives when embraced throughout the country, emerging in unique forms and flavors.

Tune in for a conversation that celebrates the simple pleasures and the enduring charm of homemade creations.

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