#012 How to be authentic and unlock your creative potential, with Khemtip Khemsaksit

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Meet Khemtip Khemsaksit, Co-founder at HEBE Plant Bar. Khemtip is a communications consultant and entrepreneur based in Thailand. Her professional skills include business development, partnership, and marketing. She has led many projects to success by applying both art and technology in communications and management.

Graduated from Carnegie Mellon University (USA) with a master degree in public policy and management, Khemtip started her career as a programme officer at UNDP in New York and then moved back to Bangkok where she managed multiple projects related to HIV, health and human rights. With her passion in global development and sustainability, she has continued working as a consultant for the UN agencies including UNDP, UNAIDS, and UNICEF until present.

Khemtip, together with her co-founders, created HEBE Plant Bar in 2018 with objectives not only to be a successful plant-based ice cream business, but also to empower people to live a healthier life. In her free time, she enjoys practising mindfulness through various forms especially Yoga and surfing. She is also a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and dedicated to guiding people to their inner self in the present moment where they can discover inner wisdom and realise their full creative potential.


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